Advanced Technologies for textile and Fashion Industry

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The TEXMODA Project

The aim of the project TEXMODA is to develop a massive open on-line course (MOOC) on Novel Technologies for Fashion Industry. The target audiences are students and recent graduates of higher education and post-secondary VET institutes that attend or have attended related study fields (clothing and textile industry, fashion) and employees of SME’s working in textile and fashion industry.

The course will be implemented in English language and translated in partners' languages. The MOOC will be pilot delivered during the project, targeting to reach an audience of 1000 people from all Europe and not only from the partners’ countries.

At the level of learning content, the TEXMODA aims to develop a European competence profile on Novel Technologies for textile and fashion industry and a training course based on this competence profile.

At the level of learning method, the TEXMODA project will produce a massive open online course targeting at students, recent graduates, employees in fashion industry and any other interested person.

At the level of the partnership, the TEXMODA brings together 8 organisations from 5 EU countries, all of them with experience in different aspects of textile / clothing / fashion industry.

Kick off meeting

The Kick Off meeting of the project TEXMODA has been organized on November 23rd, 2017 in Athens, Greece. The project coordinator dr. Daiva Mikučionienė from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, introduced the projects rules and the methodology. All the partners were present and keen to start to work on the Project aiming at improvement of European textile education dedicated to the industry and academia.

2nd partners’ meeting

The project TEXMODA 2nd meeting has establishment of the MOOC which Will been organised in Kaunas, Lithuania on be developed.

April 11th 2018.

All the partners met in order to realize a dissemination of results concerning the IO5 A – A5 intellectual output. Replays to the questionnaire that has been defined within the project has been assessed and statistically treated to determine the optimal competence profile. It will serve as the basis for the

Learn more about the project by visiting our website at  and at Facebook profile TEXMODA

Meet the TEXMODA partners

Inside Story Headline

Photos from the Kick off meeting organized in Athens in November 2017 (first photo) and the second meeting organized in April 2018 in Kaunas (second photo) are shown on the right side of this page. All the partners have participated to successful meetings.


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